About us

My name is Hana Atif ,owner and designer of Lil Bee's Boutique.
I enjoy entertaining, listening to music, reading, scrapbooking, card making and all kinds of paper crafting. My friends and family are very important to me and it's through their support that I can pursue my dreams today .
In 2008, by chance I landed on a scrapbooking blog and have been addicted since. I had a great mentor, but due to lack of classes available, I glued my self to the web and books.
But that was not enough, I wanted to make the products easily accessible and to share my passion for creativity through workshops.
In 2010, Lil Bee's Boutique was born as U.A.E's first scrapbooking kit club.
During this time, my original design kits became quite popular and many friendships blossomed.  I have always had a passion for educating people on how to creatively preserve memories in a beautiful and meaningful way, so it just seemed natural to channel that enthusiasm into my own business.

Lil Bee's Boutique has evolved into a papercrafting destination with more than 60 manufacturers, 2 years of monthly kits and 20 workshops and upcoming 2 new ventures.

Today, Lil Bee's Boutique is more than just a kit club, its a medium to fulfill your creative dreams.