Thursday, July 22, 2010

Welcome Design Team members , July 2010 (contd.)

Hey all!  I am so happy to announce the second addition to our Design Team…  Ritu Patel!  Here she is…

1. How long have you been scrapbooking/card making and how did you get started?

While I worked my way up in Advertising from Mumbai to Dubai there was always a need to do something exhilarating and stimulating. I always had an incessant penchant for art. From drawing to sketching and painting to craft. I’d spend most of my spare time working on different art projects. Then 3 years ago I was introduced to ‘Card Making’. Ever since then it has been an implausible experience. Each card revealed a whole new world for me. I purchased my first book to comprehend more about cards and since then I have been playing around with different materials, techniques, mediums, colors, embellishments and the list goes on. Each time I work on a project it is a gratifying experience only to know that when this card reaches the right hands it will bring a smile on their face. It’s a complete stress buster, time just flies and once I have completed the project it just brightens up my day.

2. From where do you draw inspiration?

What inspires me the most are the vast variety of patterned papers available to play around with while making the cards! The wide variety spins innumerable ideas in my head waiting to be tossed out. The occasion for which I am designing the greeting card also plays an important role. My attempt has always been to accentuate with different materials, embellishments to bring out the occasion. Finally to give a personalized touch to each card, especially made for you.

3. What are 3 other products that you can't live without?

The 3 products that I can never live without is black ink & black pen, my stamp collection, and my Cricut :)

All these things just make my projects more lively and fun-filled.

Q4. What did you enjoy about Lil Bees kits?

The kits offer a wide-range of papers to choose from for all types of crafting: scrapbooking and card making. The kits include speciality paper which allows us to play around with in scrapbooking and use them for our projects. We also revive co-ordinated stamp, wide range of Prima embellishments which are unique and different; this makes it easier for us to make a co-ordinated project.

Overall, I must confess when I lay my hands on the kit I couldn't take my hands off and have been busy designing cards with this kit.

Thank you for these lovely cards and hope to see more from you :) !


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