Monday, September 27, 2010


Hello everyone!

Finally, a chance to sit down and share some updates with you!!
Firstly, about the stamps kit of September 2010: It got misplaced during eid and ramadan time and after a lot of hitting heads with emirates post,finally they have tracked it down. Will email all the subscribers once it reaches me.

Anyways it was not only emirates post, all of the companies over committed at CHA time and now send the following emails :

"We are a bit behind schedule due to delays in receiving product but your order will ship within the next 7-10 days

Sorry for the delay"

 Hope it gets sorted out soon!

And a mega thank-you to all of you for your support and understanding.

Anyways, our October sneak peaks will start in a day or two.
Do stay tuned...


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  1. Thanks for your great efforts....
    So much waiting to see the October kit!!!


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