Monday, February 13, 2012

Lil Bee's Design Team: Karla Maynard

Hello Crafters,

The new members have been bursting at the seams to show you their work, and today is Karla Maynard's turn to amaze us with her creative work.

Let's begin:

Q: Three words that describe you.
Uhmmmm… It is never easy to describe yourself and be humble… here it is. I believe I am creative, ready to help and flexible when it comes to work or design.

Q: What do you love most about Lil Bee's Boutique?
I love the fresh ideas Lil Bee’s present in their blog. Lovely ways of using the so many different products out there I am very proud of being part of their Design Team.

Q: What inspires you?
Inspiration is not so difficult to find now a days.  I just look around me…my family, my surroundings, when I am outside and take a look at our garden I find inspiration on all of these things and of course on all of those creative people on the net.

Q: Do you scrap alone or with friends? With music or in silence?
I usually scrap alone, sniff, sniff… J. At times and when our kids let us a friend of mine comes over and we craft, from cards to experiment with other crafts. Usually with music although that has not been the case lately.

Do visit Karla's blog to share some love with her!
And now some inspiration from Karla using Lil Bee's products!:

We are so honored to have these wonderful ladies at Lil bee's Boutique,and our proud to give new talent a chance!
Also do join us tomorrow for Lil bee's Valentine blog hop and kit reveal!



  1. wonderful seeing your work Karla.Hoping to be inspired more by your work

  2. Thanks Nandini! I am very excited about being part of this fab team!


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