Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Mother's Day !

Hello Crafters,

What makes a mom so special and important cannot be better explained by Lil Bee's Creative ladies:

"Mom... is someone who inspires you to do things you dream of, helps you overcome any hurdles you face and supports you when the whole world is against you, well one can go on and on....
I am very lucky to have a Mom who, in every manner was and is the perfect Mom. 
When I am with my boys, I do think about how hard it must have been for her to bring us up when we were young, when there were not many of the present day luxurious amenities, 
And each day goes thanking her to have brought us up the way she did, not just on the Mother's Day. 
Happy Mother's Day Mom..."

                                 Teju Venkat

“My favourite Mother's Day poem - not from my Mum, but in a handmade card from one of my children...
 Best friends forever, my Mum and me,
Whether picking flowers or climbing a tree.
A shoulder to cry on, secrets to share,
    A lovely warm heart and hands that care!”                          
                       Sue Percival-Simmons

“I learnt to appreciate crafting from my MOM. Even as a little girl ,I remember my mom busy sewing or knitting  or crocheting. She was always enthusiastic about learning new  things. When I was old enough to use a needle ,I learnt embroider from her. She was a perfectionist and made me redo my work till she was satisfied.
I can't say I was very happy with that then ,but I can now appreciate the need to achieve perfection as far as possible. She has always been a guiding force behind all my achievements. She is no longer with me ,I do miss her terribly  but she will always be with me inspiring me to reach beyond myself at every turn.”                 
                                Nandini Rao


 "God’s greatest gift to me, I cannot thank him enough!”                          
                                         Hana Atif


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