Monday, August 23, 2010

A "Lil Sneak Peek" !!!!!!!!

Hello all!,

Packed full of adorable paper, embellishment and stamps, the September kit is ready to hit Dubai.

Here is a lil sneak peek but will be putting up more through out this week!

And here are some layouts from previous kits :

Tracy Belling:she has made a wonderful shadowbox layout from Lil Bee's July 2010 Main kit

Harshi: she has wonderfully made two layouts from Lil Bee's July 2010 Main kit

Deepa: she has used Prima paintable paper from Lil Bee's July 2010 Exclusive kit .

I would love to see what you have made from the Lil Bee's kit, so email me and I will post them on the blog!
P.S I love to read your Dubai scrapbooking community so dull?

Happy scrapping!


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